With the help of a hefty marketing push from Tiffany’s (which came up with the name), this blue variety of Zoisite has done well as a precious stone since its discovery in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in 1967. Connections or not, it’s hard to argue with its often stunning (and OK, yes, usually enhanced) violet-blue color.

Turquoise and blue zircon were the two existing December birthstones that had to move over to share space with tanzanite when the AGTA added it to its official birthstone list in 2002.

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Facts about Alexandrite

This gemstone rates 8 to 8.5 on the Moh’s Hardness Chart making it an excellent choice for every day wear.

Alexandrite is sometimes called “Emerald by day, Ruby by night” due to its color change.

Alexandrite is the gemstone gift for June birthdays and the 55th wedding anniversary.

This chysoberyl contains iron and titanium, as well as chromium, which produces its color-changing quality.

Due to its scarcity and seemingly magical color change, alexandrite is one of the most valuable gemstones in the world.

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June’s Beautiful Gemstone

Alexandrite is one of the most desired gems. It is green in daylight and red in artificial light. This beauty is the official birth stone for June.

The most desired Alexandrite gemstones were mined in Russia but the deposits in the Urals are worked out. Today they are mined in Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Rhodesia. They are part of the gem family Chrysoberyl.

Sizes above one carat are rare and finer gems are often more expensive than comparably sized rubies or sapphires.

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Loose Gemstones for Design

WE MAKE JEWELRY!!!! Imagine the endless possibilities . . . so much beauty.

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More about Emeralds

Emerald gemstones are typically heavily included. Where this might be looked down on in other gemstones, in emeralds these inclusions are called “jar din” or garden. Under magnification, you can see patterns resembling leaves and branches.

Most emeralds treated to insure stability; most commonly they are immersed in colorless oil and/or resin to fill minute voids. This is considered standard practice.

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All in the Family – Perfect Gifts for Mom

Mom is so special and her jewelry should be, too! The jewelry selection for Mother’s Day is as different as individual mother’s personalities. Sentiment rules and some of the most cherished gifts are those that represent either faith, love or family.

A shimmering gold or diamond cross, an artistic rendition of mother and child, a locket encasing a loved ones portrait, or something that is the traditional love symbol, the heart – all sure to become Mom’s favorites!!!

Have you bought a gift for your mother yet?

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Emerald – May Birth Stone

Emeralds are the color of spring time and signify hope, new growth and eternal life. Not only are emeralds rich in color and beauty, they are also rich in history.

The first emeralds were mined 4000 years ago in Egypt. While Cleopatra became synonymous with the gem, her emerald collection was actually pretty low grade stuff.

Only when Spain conquered what is now Columbia did the world discover how gorgeous the gemstone could really be.

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