Glossary of Diamond Terms:

Dispersion – the rainbow flashes of color that a well cut diamond displays when it refracts light: also known as fire.

Scintillation – the glitter of light seen in the diamond’s crown as either the stone, the light source, or the observer moves: also called sparkle

Brilliance – -the brightness or intensity of light reflected to the eye in the “face-up” position. You should see alternating areas of light and dark that give the stone a bright, lively high contrast appearance.

Symmetry – -the exactness of the shape and the placement of facets. A full cut diamond or brilliant cut typically has 58 facets.

Finish – the quality of the polish (final smoothing of each facet), the condition of the girdle, and the overall precision of workmanship; sometimes referred to as the “make” of the diamond.


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