Glorious Rubies

Ruby is the accepted birth stone for the month of July as well as the fortieth wedding anniversary gemstone gift. Ruby receives a nine on the Moh’s hardness scale – second only to diamonds. Rubies are rated excellent for every day wear.

Ruby is the red variety of the gem corundum. The name is derived from the Latin word for red, rubeus. The finest, most desirable color is a vivid, almost spectral true red with a faint undertone of blue. Once called “the King of gems”, ruby is one of the world’s oldest, rarest, and most respected of all precious gemstones.

Rubies are fiery, dramatic and show brilliance, depth and intensity. A fine ruby is said to protect its owner from all kinds of misfortune. Ancient folklore believed a ruby would bring love and protect health and wealth. It is said that rubies assure their owners would live in harmony with their neighbors. The gem’s protective powers were believed to intensify if set in jewelry and worn on the left side. Many believed that rubies possess an inner flame which burns eternally.

Sounds like we all could use a fine ruby in our lives. Don’t you think so?


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