April’s Birthstone . . . Diamond

Diamond is the birth stone for the lucky folks born in April as well as the traditional anniversary gift for the tenth year of marriage.

The allure and history of diamonds is nearly as fascinating as its unmatched beauty and elegance. Truly the king of all gemstones, diamonds offer clarity, brilliance, and breathtaking depth like no other gemstone.

Diamonds are the most classic, treasured and sought after of all jewels.

Over the centuries, the diamond has evolved as a symbol of impenetrable and enduring bond of love. They receive a perfect “10” on the Mohs hardness scale for gemstones yet their appeal goes far beyond their durability. This is another factor that makes diamonds ideal for marking life’s most importance occasion, from the birth of a child to milestones like graduation or a major promotion or retirement . . . not to mention the most common use of diamonds; a symbol of a couple’s love, devotion and commitment to each other as they begin their life together!


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