10 Awesome but Underrated Things about Being a Jeweler

This has been condensed from an article written by INSTORE – a trade magazine. They had fifty things and these are ten of my favorite ones!

1) Helping young men pick out engagement rings when some are so terrified they can barely speak.
2) You can tell all the fakes in the room, often from across the room!
3) Seeing the look of joy on a customer’s face when they see something very special we have produced especially for them for the first time.
4) All day long being surrounded by beauty.
5) We get to see people at their happiest.
6) Helping show someone how much they are loved.
7) Getting to make people happy just about every day I open the doors. I am associated with positive life events (births, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, important milestones).
8) Being an important participant in life’s most significant events; Fifty years from now they’ll still remember where and from who they got their engagement ring and wedding bands.
9) Educating the consumer about diamonds, sapphires, rubies, etc. . . .as well as precious metals and jewelry design.
10) All the love we get to see.


About laneysjewelry

AGS independent full service jeweler specializing in custom designs
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