Jewelry Style Tips

Jewelry should compliment, not compete. “Jewelry Savvy” authors Caroline Stanley and Cynthia Sliwa suggest the “blink test”. Close your eyes for a few moments, then open them. If the first thing you notice about the outfit is the jewelry, it may be overpowering the woman wearing it.

When clothing is heavily embellished with ruffles, bows, feathers or includes attention getting details like fur, busy prints, or brocades, tone down the jewelry so that it doesn’t distract the eye. Go simple and bold with a knockout strand of Tahitian or South Sea pearls or a stunning cocktail ring.

Observe seasonal trends in hardware used on clothing, shoes and handbags such as zippers, studs, buckles, buttons and so forth. If there is a lot of hardware, tone down the jewelry.

Big cocktail rings or chunky large stone rings look better worn alone as the only ring on the hand whether it be on the middle finger, ring finger or pinkie finger. Smaller rings can be worn in multiples and thinner bands look great stacked on the same finger.

Jewelry should have the same relative weight as the fabric in the outfit. Light, airy, chiffon-like fabrics look best with delicate, airy jewelry. Stiff, heavy fabrics look best with big, bold jewelry. There are some possibilities that make your favorite jewelry work with different types of outfits; one option is to layer on delicate pieces for the more substantive look the garment requires.

Stylists say it is OK to mix metals, but there needs to be an element to tie the look together. Do you have a two tone bracelet perhaps?

What about prints? Options include going neutral with diamonds, pearls or plain metal (always an option, by the way!!) OR choosing a colored gemstone piece to play up one of garment’s colors. Color coordinated accessories in genuine gemstones – a whole gemstone wardrobe – what could be better then that?


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