Aqua Earrings

In ancient times, this gemstone was said to aid seafarers; thus it is an excellent gift suggestion for sailors or one who takes frequent cruises! To dream of aquamarine signifies the making of new friends; to wear aquamarine earrings brings love and affection. Aquamarine is a universal symbol of youth, hope and health.

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March Birthstone – Aqua

aqua  ring  pic
Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family (“cousin” to Emerald) and its name in Latin means water of the sea. Aqua rates 7.5-8 on Moh’s Hardness Scale. The color of aqua will range from blue-green to green-blue in varying intensities of hue but the rich deep blue color is the most valuable.

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Amethyst – February’s birthstone


The ancient Greeks and Romans believed amethyst would prevent its wearer from becoming intoxicated. They also made drinking vessels out of this purple gemstone to help keep them “sober” when using it.

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Garnet is a remarkable gem in that it comes in all colors except blue. Its reds range from raspberry to blood-red to orangey or brownish red.

Garnets are found in the US, Africa, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia and India.

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January’s Birthstone – Garnet

Garnet’s name could be from the Latin word “granatus” meaning grain. This is possibly referring to the “punica granatum” (pomegranate) with red seeds similar to garnet crystals.

Another thought is that the name came from the middle English word “gernet” meaning dark red.

Garnet’s history in jewelry can be traced from the Egyptians to ancient Greek and Roman empires.

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Blue Zircon – December’s Birthstone

Blue zircon is the birthstone for December. Zircon is a brilliant yet affordable gemstone and its fire can rival that of a diamond. Zircon is commonly seen in a rich light to medium blue color but is also available in gold, white, orange, and green color. The majority of zircon is mined from Sri Lanka, Burma, Vietnam, and Thailand.
Zircon is a natural gemstone – not to be confused with the man made cubic zirconia, a diamond simulant.

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Turquoise is one of the oldest known gems – old as time and timeless! It is the original birthstone for those born in the month of December. The Egyptians were mining turquoise in 3200 BC in the Sinai. The stone was thought to promote prosperity and to offer protection from evil.
Turquoise is porous and should be kept away from heat and household chemicals. The major mining sources for turquoise are USA, Australia, Chile, China and Mexico.

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